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Your traders want Bitcoin on their platform. Partner with an experienced technology provider who truly understands how Bitcoin works. Leverate has thoroughly researched winning strategies for offering Bitcoin as part of your brokerage’s price feed, and provides ongoing assistance in selecting the best trading terms and leverage.
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The Leverate Advantage--A Company You Can Trust.

Leverate is not a Bitcoin or Forex Brokerage & Never Will Be

Leverate is a technology company and our clients are the top Forex brokerages around the world, not retail traders. Unlike other Forex technology companies, Leverate is not a Forex brokerage. We do not have trader clients and we will never compete for your traders. Our success is guaged by the success of your brokerage, and as such we make every effort to give you the technology to succeed.
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Commitment to Providing The Best Retail Trading Technology

With five offices worldwide and two R&D centers, Leverate is commited to providing its clients with the best in retail Forex trading technology. More than 50% of Leverate's staff of 150 is dedicated to R&D with the express purpose of constantly improving the technology of Leverate's clients. Our focus always includes the needs of our clients for conversion, retention and profitability.
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Your One-Stop Shop For Opening A Bitcoin or Forex Brokerage

All the necessary tech you need to launch your own successful retail FX brokerage.
Sirix White-Label FX Retail Trading Platforms with Seamless Social Trading Features

Accelerate your business with Sirix's fully-branded platforms for web, mobile & tablet. Sirix is the prefered Forex retail trading platform used daily by hundreds of thousands of traders worldwide in 30 different languages.

  1. Complete seamless social trading solutions
  2. Fully integrated with MT4, your brokerage website, CRM and additional backend systems.
  3. All trading platforms are streamlined and fully synchronized, resulting in minimum latency.
  4. Sirix is user-friendly and features a shared wallet and unified login details across all platforms with one username and one password.

Full MT4 Access & Integration
LXSuite product are fully integrated with MT4.

Execute Large Amounts of Trades Simultaneously
LXRisk is a robust risk management system with state-of-the-art features for handling massive amounts of trades simultaneously, giving you maximum control over exposure.

Powerful & Profitable Hedging Strategies
Set custom heding strategies and behaviors per instrument, group, amount, trader and volume.

A-Book, B-Book & Nostro
Manage A-Book, B-Book and Nostro from one centralized location.

Understanding Your True Total Exposure
At a glance you can fully understand your exposure to the market inside the P/L tab.

Excellent Spreads. Superior Service
LXCapital quenches your brokerage’s thirst for institutional-class liquidity by connecting you to a diverse oasis of top-tier liquidity sources, including prime brokers, banks and ECNs.

Best Bid Offer Technology
Access institutional-class liquidity that fuels your brokerage with the thinnest speads available.

Strict European Regulation
grants your traders the transparency, security and many advantages of regulation. Our Prime Brokerage services and STP are in strict compliance with MiFID and licensed by CySEC (license 160/11).

Risk Warning: Our service includes products that are traded on margin and carry a high degree of risk to your capital. You may lose part or all of your investment capital.
Please refer to the detailed risk warnings found at: LFS Risk Disclosure

Ultra-Low-Latency Pricing Data Feed
LXFeed FX data feed provides real-time data for more than 1,000 instruments from an extensive range of global financial exchanges.

Arbitrage And Spikes Free
Built-in protection against arbitrage, spikes and scalpers.

More Liquidity Pricing Feeds.
Two data centers that are located close to global financial centers that allow LXFeed simultaneously transmit data and add market access to more diverse liquidity pricing feeds.

Robust Mulitcast Architecture
Due to the multicast architecture, LXFeed significantly removes the number of hops (application processing the market data) between the end user and the banks.

Manage Your Client Leads And Existing Traders
LXCRM allows you to Manage your brokerage’s clients and every customer support tasks with ease and efficiency interface.

Integrated with Forex and CFD trading platforms
LXCRM is fully integrated with your trading platofrm to meet the most of your client needs.

Internal Back-end Capabilities
The LXCRM System is integrated with an affiliate management tool, which allows brokers to easily maintain marketing campaigns.

Front-End Features
LXCRM is directly synchronized with your Forex and CFD brokerage’s website, traders are guaranteed a variety of helpful front-end capabilities.

Suitable For Your Needs
LXAPI can adapte to any major development environment to match perfectly to your website (Java, .NET, PHP, C++, Ruby). Reliant upon on the industry standard SOAP-based WS-HTTP specification.

MT4 Functionality
LXAPI includes the most of the MT4 platform, such as: find user information, create new platform user, verify username/password of a given user and much more!

Easy To Get Started
Documented and complete with code samples, to enable quick and easy intergration.

Low Cost Solution for Start Up Forex Brokers

Premium Forex Solutions without a Premium Price Tag

Launch your own fully-branded Forex Brokerage with LXSuite Venture Edition™, Leverate’s comprehensive turn-key Forex trading package for start-up brokers. LXSuite Venture Edition™ is custom-tailored to the specific needs of the start-up broker and provides you the technology you need to get your business off the ground.See how>>

LXSuite In The Press

“The cross-site multicast architecture allows LXFeed to simultaneously transmit data and add market access to more diverse liquidity pricing feeds.”
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"Copy, trading and follow trading capabilities significantly increases client activity, a key goal of any Forex broker"
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Top 5 Questions Every Broker Must Ask his Tech Provider

Always Ask Questions that May Reveal Underlying Conflicts of Interest
  1. True Ownership. Do your clients belong to you, or do they really belong to your technology provider?
  2. Conflict of Interest. Is your relationship with your technology provider a profitable one, or does the provider have a conflict of interest that affects your revenues?
  3. Technology & Innovation. Does your technology provider offer innovative technology to ensure you have a competitive edge?
  4. Bring Clients or Steal Clients. Will your technology provider use its industry connections to bring you clients, or is it really just another competitor in disguise?
  5. Proven Record of Success. Does your technology provider have a proven track record of delivering top-quality products and services?

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